We believe that the word of God is wholly true, wholly authoritative, and wholly sufficient.
We believe that the word of God should be central and primary in all that we do.
We believe that  Bible study is important for all ages.
We believe God uses both His Spirit and His word in the lives of His people.
We believe the love of God should be our primary motivation.
We believe that everything should be done in love.
We believe that ministry is service and service is ministry.
We believe that ministries exist to serve God through serving His people.
We believe that praise and worship should be God-honoring exaltation and not man-centered entertainment.
We believe that church membership is important, meaningful, and necessary.
We beleive that church discipline is critical to the health of church, should be practiced, and should be both loving and restorative.
We believe that true evangelism depends on correct doctrine.
We believe that everything we do should be done as unto the Lord, and therfore be done with excellence and diligence.
We believe that those who serve in the church should receive from the church what is necessary to perform their service with excellence and diligence.
We believe that neither that which is old is necessarily best nor that which is new is necessarily best, but that which is best is best; and therefore we desire to use and do that which is best and proper.
We believe that the offices and ministry of both elders and deacons have their particular and important function in the church.
We believe in the necessity of prayer and its effectiveness
We believe that the church should minister equally to all of its members, not neglecting certain groups nor emphasizing certain groups.
We desire to encourage people to grow spiritually and serve in their giftedness.
We desire to provide opportunities for service/ministry locally to globally.
We desire to develop in our people a Christian worldview.
We desire to be a people of prayer, both individually and corporately.